SFL Saving Lives

This program is saving lives!
As you get older it is considered normal for your balance to get worse and your bone density reduce. All of a sudden a day to day task can be potentially life threatening.
It’s a sad reality a lot of people live with. But they shouldn’t have to, we offer over 50’s classes to help improve bone density and improve balance.
Not only does this prevent falls and reduce the risk if a fall does occur. But it also Improves quality of life and gives people social interaction which is so important for mental health.
Just take a second to think how hard it was in lockdown without being able to see people face to face. This is something many elderly Australians deal with every day. Its even worse for then as a lot of them don’t know how to use a mobile let alone zoom.
If you are or know someone who would benefit from this program shoot us a message!
8 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION - 8 Feb 2021, 0800 [View]