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Whether you’re looking to get into shape, put on some extra muscle or simply make healthier lifestyle choices, our personal trainers have the necessary qualifications and experience to help you achieve the best results.

They will work with you towards your goals and stick by your side every step of the way. They ensure you remain accountable and offer positive encouragement and motivation to dig that little deeper and reach your full potential. We believe in supporting our clients and giving them the motivation they require in order to succeed.

Transformation Guru


Jackson is our newest addition to our team of Personal Trainers. He has been around a while, doing classes and working in the gym while diligently studying and honing his skills. We are excited to add Jackson to our team.

Sport, fitness and health have always been a big passion of mine since a young age. I became a Personal Trainer to help people reach their goals and find the same enjoyment in exercise as me. I’ve been training many years with lot’s of different trainers and have learnt so much from all of them. I hope to pass on as much knowledge as I can to others as well.

I’m a fully qualified personal trainer as well as a Nutrition Coach. Specialise in weight loss, muscle gain, fitness and sports preparation.

Transformation Guru


My road to becoming a personal trainer started with my own transformation. I was overweight, with low self-esteem and constant back pain.

After receiving multiple comments from colleagues, friends, and family about my ever-growing size (I was asked by a colleague if I was pregnant!) I finally snapped!

I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. I’m not going to lie; the gym was terrifying at first. I was self-conscious in my skin-tight leggings and singlet, hiding away in the corner of the gym on the treadmill. But my personal trainer educated me on how to move and encouraged me to try new exercises and training methods. They became my personal cheerleader, by keeping me accountable, and motivating me in striving towards my goals. As my weight went down, my confidence grew. Soon I began to love training at the gym and going there was the best part of my day.

I know so many men and women with very similar stories to myself, and after everything I have been through on my own journey, it is my goal to combine my firsthand experiences and knowledge to create a nurturing environment where every client can transform their mindset, and live their best life.

Weight loss, Muscle gain & Rehab


Jeremy a part owner of Peak 24 Fitness & PT brings to us 11 years experience in the fitness industry – Specialising in weight loss, muscle gain and rehabilitation.

When he’s not at Peak and spending time with his family, Jeremy plays baseball locally for Goodwood Baseball Club. His passion for baseball started at a young age and has played at an elite level both in Australia and the USA, representing his State and Country.

It is Jeremy’s experience as both the trainer and the athlete that he can pass on to you! His experience covers everything from Weightloss to Elite training, Disability and Strength training. His experience makes him another invaluable member of Team Peak!

Achieve your goals


Why did you get in the industry?

I started as a personal trainer in 2013, helping one of my first clients to lose 28 kg. I have always been passionate about health and fitness with my main drive being able to find consistently and sustainability with their lifestyle and training. I enjoy seeing my clients achieve their goals.


• Female specific training
• Weight/fat loss
• Strength gain
• Rehabilitation
• Sports conditioning
• Pre and post natal


• Helped client lose 28 kg
• Helped client to completely eliminate knee pain
• Being able to leg press 310kg

Not taking new clients at this time
Consistency is key


When asked why he became a Personal Trainer this is what he had to say:

As a teenager, I was quite overweight, sluggish and unhappy with how I looked and felt. Over the next two years after multiple relapses and overall consistency, I was able to lose 20 kg. I then spent a year trying different types of training until I found a routine I enjoyed. Training quickly became my favourite aspect of life and so important for my mental health. because of this, I started helping friends and family lose weight. I then decided to change to a more rewarding and fulfilling career as a personal trainer.

His number one piece of advice for anyone is the gym

Consistency is key, slow progress is still progress. It takes time, be patient work hard and the results will come

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