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No Pressure, no obligation, no excuses

At Peak 24 you aren’t just another number, we support you through your entire fitness journey. Our small community is very welcoming and supportive giving you the best chance to flourish.

During the 10 day membership you will be receive two 45 minute Personal training sessions. The first session is an assessment to see where you are at and establish your goals. Your trainer will send you a diet plan, set you up on the app and write your customised training program. The following session will be teaching you the program that is going to guarantee results.

You also get premium access to 30 small group training sessions with a personal trainer guiding you the right way. With HIIT, Strength, Pilates/Yoga, Power and more, there is certainly going to be class suited to your goals.

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PHIIT Power uses a combination of strength, cardio and muscular endurance to be the most time efficient workout.


Sweat is our latest addition to our group fitness timetable. This class is exactly what it sounds like, a sweaty one.


A fusion of exercises designed to tone and strengthen every muscle in your body, even the one’s you’ve forgotten you have!


TABATA is a form of high-intensity interval training.


Pilates will help increases lung capacity & circulation whilst gaining strength, flexibility & mobility.


30 minute session focusing on stability, control, learning correct core engagement while blasting your abs.

No pressure, no obligation, no excuses

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Sign up now to and together we will reach our Peak!

No pressure, no obligation, no excuses

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No pressure, no obligation, no excuses