Michelle B 

Michelle joined the peak 24 community in  May of 2016. Recently, she  joined our  9 week body transformation challenge.

Michelle has lost an amazing 37 cm along with 6.5% of her body weight.  Her wall sit time and beep test push ups increased by over 100%.

Her success came from combining personal training sessions with Chloe, a structured nutrition plan and small group training sessions each week.

She admits “I hate cardio”,
“But I really enjoy the group classes”.

Each week her confidence grows and we couldn’t be prouder to have her as a part of the peak community.

” I wouldn’t of been able to do this without the support of Chloe and Cameron and would love to thank them for their support, “- -Michelle




Rebecca B

“Congratulations to one of our challenge winners Bek on these amazing results! In just 8 weeks she lost 3.3kg and 2.7% body fat. What’s even more incredible is the 6.2kg she lost in the 4 weeks prior to the challenge.

Although challenges are a great motivator, don’t wait for one to start your journey!

Bek did this with better eating habits, classes and the help of her personal trainer Julie Starke.”


Bree W

Bree participated in our 9 week transformation challenge. Using a  combination of small group training session, individualised training with Chloe, and a nutrition plan, Bree excelled in her motivation and commitment to the program. In just over 2 months, she was able to kick start her weight loss, improve her strength, and her movement quality.

Bree lost an incredible 6% of her body weight as losing 21 cms. One of the most significant improvements her trainer saw Bree achieve, however, was her gains in strength and stamina during these 9 weeks.

Our aim here at Peak 24 is to empower our clients and members with the knowledge to make lastin
g lifestyle changes for long, active and healthy lives.







Matt C

“In 2016 I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic.  I was overweight and was eating poorly.  I was on my way to an early grave with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  I decided to do something about it and joined Peak 24.

Within a couple of months I had lost 10 kgs and was starting to feel fantastic.
Four months ago I decided I would like to undergo a body transformation with the specific goal of reducing my body fat %.

I started at the beginning of September 2018 and with the help of Cameron set about an intensive training plan to reach my goals. I was already very disciplined with my calories, but needed some help with some of the technical side of “cutting”. Cameron was able to point me in the right direction on how many calories, what macro nutrients to consume and what I should be doing with cardio and resistance training to maximise the benefits of my transformation. “









Lauren M

Meet Lauren! Lauren has been member with us for almost two years. She continues to smash classes every week. The energy and enthusiasm she brings to the class is amazing.

When asked what her biggest achievement at Peak has been?

She said “My consistency since starting. I’ve lost around 20kgs since i joined two years ago.

I like the gym, the classes, the trainers and all the other members that come to classes, it’s a fun place to be”




Helen and Trevor

Meet Helen and Trevor two of our most loyal and caring members. They have been members with us for 5 years. They have made a huge impact on our success in building a welcoming, and friendly community for all.

Their smiles and positive attitude is always contagious to be around. They have been the heart and soul of our Strength for life classes, having a huge influence on the lives of many.

Thank you, Helen and Trevor, for bringing fun and joy to the gym. Your positive attitude and willingness to keep fit and healthy is inspirational to us all! Thank you!

(Trevor wearing his three bronze medals after competing in his first masters games, tough ask for your first contest against the current world champ in all three, amazing work!)

Margaret V

Our super star member Margaret here has managed to lose over 10kgs in the last 7 weeks!  Margaret takes part in our “strength for life” program (COTA approved program for ages 50+) participating in two classes a week as well as coming in twice by herself.

After making some significant strength improvements, Margaret was frustrated with not seeing the weight loss she desired. A new Nutrition plan with the help of Peak 24’s Cameron, gave her direction with her diet. Fast forward 7 weeks and she has lost 10.1 kgs and more importantly made sustainable changes she can maintain for the rest of her life.

When asked what had the biggest impact on her weight loss journey this is what she had to say:

“I think it was the diet guidelines which helped me make the right decisions have flexibility to choose the right foods and still have my weekly cheat meal. It’s also helps a lot when you have staff who are happy to answer your questions when you come in, this really helps you keep momentum”

Margaret’s number one piece of advice:

“Believe in yourself, stick to your program and be positive”

Ben T

Ben has been an incredible member, always putting in the hard yards either on his own or with his Personal Trainer Chloe. Along with Chloe’s help Ben has managed to get some incredible results, here’s what he has to say about his success:

“Balance and consistency of training and dieting has helped me lose 15 kg since November last year. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you slip up or lose motivation, just try and remember the healthy habits which lead to a healthier lifestyle.”

Mel R

Mel’s incredible journey has seen her lose an incredible 12kg and over 30 cms. Mel loves how she feels fit and healthy and discarding her ‘bigger clothes. Importantly, Mel has learnt in this time much about her Nutrition and Training and what she is capable of and what it takes. We look forward to helping her maintain the healthy lifestyle.

Mel thanks her workout buddy Kate for sharing in her goals and keeping her at it (and the ‘numerous’ chats), her now husband Chris for his support with eating and early morning workouts, her gran for her encouragement, PT’s Chloe and Cam for their motivation, accountability and finding her and limits the crew (staff and members at Peak 24) for assisting with friendship and encouragement.



Brendan S

I signed up with Peak 24 as 44 year old male who weighed over 126kg, I smoked a packet of cigarettes a day and was your typical couch potato!

In the first four months of PT with Chloe and doing group classes I lost 10kg and gained valuable muscle

I then decided to participate in an 8 week challenge. I continued my current regime but also started kickboxing and riding. After the 9 weeks I lost 8.4kg and 29 cms.

Over the journey I have lost 22 kgs, 21.5cm off my waist and alone and gained muscle. My strength and fitness level is where it was 20 years ago, I thank my friends, family and the team at Peak for there support! -2017

Brendan participated in his second challenge and lost a further 8kg and 29cms around his waist- photos below



Josh G

Josh participated in the 8 week challenge following a program that included two one on one strength sessions with trainer Cameron and 3-4 classes per week. Following the meal plan and program he was able to lose a whopping 12kg!

We are so proud of his discipline and dedication to the program. He 100 percent deserves the results he received! There was absolutely no stopping him and we expect him to continue this momentum in to the future.

8 WEEK CHALLENGE - 8 Feb 2020, 7.30am [View]