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Meet Brian

Brian became a member with us in 2017 and started his journey with the help of personal trainer Cameron Ditton. Brian had previously had a bad experiences at gyms before with trainers ignoring his injuries and poor movement patterns which just aggravated his lower back and shoulder. With structured coaching Cameron was able to help Brian activate the correct muscles, strengthen the core and correct decades of in correct movement patterns.

Working with Cam, great personal trainer, everyone very friendly and equipment in good condition, always can get in for a session.

Brian was coached to focus on living life pain free, increasing energy and improving mental health. Slowly and steadily Brian was no longer experiencing the same injuries flaring up and this is when we decided to crank his training up.

Meet Margaret

Margaret was very unsure about joining our community but decided to give us a shot after a friend convinced her we were not your typical 24 hour gym. Coming in with the goal of losing weight and feeling better Margaret was incredibly motivated and driven to succeed. All she needed was some direction and guidance.

Margaret began exercising twice a week with our over 50’s classes focusing on functional strength and balance. Margaret decided to invest in some one on one nutrition coaching with Cameron Ditton and that’s when she really started to see results. Cameron gave her sound nutrition advice as well as strategies to overcome her poor eating habits.

Over the coming months Margaret started making great friends and seeing amazing results, losing weight consistently every week. Margaret went on to lose over 15kg and keeping it off! Her training now is focused on maintaining her weight as well as maintaining a good quality of life.

Margaret was the winner of our first ever healthy habits challenge which took a holistic approach to health and fitness. Focusing on more then just weight loss but quality of life!

Margaret currently trains four times week, twice with the strength for life group, once on her own and one PT session with Cameron. She is an integral part of our gym community and goes above and beyond for her fellow members organising events such as walks and dinners with our over 50’s group. This has gone a long way in creating an environment that offers more then fitness but a welcoming gym for people to build life long friendships and have fun!

Meet Bek

Bek has achieved some amazing things over her fitness journey losing a lot of weight. In Bek’s first every 8 week challenge with us she lost 3.3kg and reduced her body fat percentage by 2.7%. Whats made this even more amazing was she lost a massive 6.2kg prior to the challenge! Anyone who has embarked on there own weight loss journey knows it gets harder and harder to lose weight the more weight you lose.

Bek has since continued her fitness journey turning her focus to building strength, improving her running and building muscle. The transition from training for weight loss to building muscle can be incredibly challenging one. Transitioning from from an unhealthy lifestyle to our lifestyle that is about clean eating and calorie restriction for a lot of people is a lot easier then.

Bek went on to achieve her goal and lost 4.2kg of body fat, reducing her body fat percentage by 4% and maintaining her muscle mass. This was a huge achievement as previously Bek had always lost muscle when losing weight.

Bek is a prime example of how fitness is a journey and your goals will change over time.

Meet Matt

Matt has achieved some amazing things over his fitness journey here is what he had to say about it

Within a couple of months I had lost 10 kgs and was starting to feel fantastic. Four months ago I decided I would like to undergo a body transformation with the specific goal of reducing my body fat %.

In 2016 I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. I was overweight and was eating poorly. I was on my way to an early grave with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I decided to do something about it and joined Peak 24.

I started at the beginning of September 2018 and with the help of Cameron set about an intensive training plan to reach my goals. I was already very disciplined with my calories, but needed some help with some of the technical side of “cutting”. Cameron was able to point me in the right direction on how many calories, what macro nutrients to consume and what I should be doing with cardio and resistance training to maximise the benefits of my transformation.


No pressure, no obligation, no excuses

A massive thank you to Cameron for your guidance and Peak24 Fitness & PT for providing a great gym environment and awesome classes

Meet Josh

Josh has achieved some incredible things with Peak 24, some of his biggest achievements include:

• 2 x 8 Week challenge Winner
• Losing over 12kg in 8 weeks
• Deadlifting 200kg

Josh has been able to do this by participating in classes as well as regular PT with his trainer Cameron Ditton. Josh has set out a massive goal of being able to squat 200kg, in November 2020 his current one rep max is estimated at 170kg.

Meet Brendan

Over the journey I have lost 22 kgs, 21.5cm off my waist and alone and gained muscle. My strength and fitness level is where it was 20 years ago, I thank my friends, family and the team at Peak for there support! -2017

Brendan participated in his second challenge and lost a further 8kg and 29cms around his waist- photos to the left

Brendan has continued to keep that weight off and is currently at his lightest weight at just below 105kg. Brendan has become a role model for his children and the community, working out with his daughter twice a week doing Chloe’s infamous HIIT classes . Brendan recently completed a ride to the Barrossa and back raising nearly $5,000 for charity.

I signed up with Peak 24 as 44 year old male who weighed over 126kg, I smoked a packet of cigarettes a day and was your typical couch potato!

In the first four months of PT with Chloe and doing group classes I lost 10kg and gained valuable muscle

I then decided to participate in an 8 week challenge. I continued my current regime but also started kickboxing and riding. After the 9 weeks I lost 8.4kg and 29 cm’s.

Meet Mel

Mel’s incredible journey has seen her lose an incredible 12kg and over 30 cms. Mel loves how she feels fit and healthy and discarding her ‘bigger clothes. Importantly, Mel has learnt in this time much about her Nutrition and Training and what she is capable of and what it takes. We look forward to helping her maintain the healthy lifestyle.

Mel thanks her workout buddy Kate for sharing in her goals and keeping her at it (and the ‘numerous’ chats), her now husband Chris for his support with eating and early morning workouts, her gran for her encouragement, PT’s Chloe and Cam for their motivation, accountability and finding her and limits the crew (staff and members at Peak 24) for assisting with friendship and encouragement.

Meet Lauren

Lauren has been member with us for almost two years. She continues to smash classes every week. The energy and enthusiasm she brings to the class is amazing.

When asked what her biggest achievement at Peak has been? She said “My consistency since starting. I’ve lost around 20kgs since i joined two years ago.”

Lauren is now a physiotherapist. She is currently working towards doing an unassisted chin up with the help of her trainer Cameron.

I like the gym, the classes, the trainers and all the other members that come to classes, it’s a fun place to be.

No pressure, no obligation, no excuses

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No pressure, no obligation, no excuses

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