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Peak 24 Fun Run

Peak 24 Fun Run

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The Peak 24 Charity Fun Run

Have you always wanted to run/ walk a certain distance, but feel like you’re not “fit enough.” Are you an advanced runner hoping to improve your fitness or just have some fun? We’re here to help!

Join our 12-week training program and run/walk 3km or 6km with us in the Peak 24 Charity Fun Run on the 26th of March at the beach.

Entry is $20 and all proceeds go to charity.

Train in your own time and join us at West Beach SLSC every Sunday at 8am for a group beach run/walk and coffee afterwards up until the event.

Where to start:


If you have not run consistently for some time, aim for three days running a week. It is preferable to run on every other day in order that you allow sufficient time for recovery.

If you are running in old worn-out shoes that you have been gardening in, make an investment and buy a pair of new shoes. Visit a store that specialise in the fitting of the correct shoe for your particular build and running style. Running in good shoes will save you from possible injury problems in the future when your training increases in volume. Keep a training diary and record your runs, how you felt, were you sore the following morning. It is good idea to keep a record of your resting heart-rate, this best taken before you get out of bed in the morning. Time HR for 30 seconds and double it. Over the period of 12 weeks you can expect the resting HR to decrease as you become fitter, but in the short term a sudden rise of 5 to 10 beats per minute in resting HR can indicate that you may not have had sufficient recovery, or that you are coming down with some low-grade viral infection. This is signal to ease up or miss a training day until your HR has returned to normal. Do not try and run through illness or injury—listen to your body!


Walking is the safest most natural exercise for the body at any age and is a terrific all-round work out for virtually every muscle in the body during a brisk walk.

When starting out the aim for beginners should be to complete 3 sessions of 30 minutes brisk walking, ideally you will have rest days between your walking days, but remember- don’t do too much too soon!