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Peak 24 Yoga

Promoting self-love, health & well being. Love & Light yoga is perfect for beginners as well as experienced Yogi’s.

Each Yoga session indulges in techniques to control the mind and body.

Monday: Rest & Restore

A calming, restorative class where only floor poses are practiced to encourage the body and mind to soften with complete ease.

Wednesday: Power Flow

A dynamic approach to yoga. You will build strength, flexibility and concentration while still combing breath focus and awareness.

Thursday: Gentle Vinyasa

Synchronizing breath with movement for a moving meditation. Awakening your strength, energy and flexibility

Saturday: Yin/Yang

A balance of strong, dynamic flow for building strength, energy and focus. Vinyasa flow is practiced in the first half of the class and restorative practice in the second.

Our yoga embraces the essence of ancient yoga traditions, with touches of modern muse.

Yoga is often associated with stretching and flexibility, through a series of stretching exercises. However, Love & Light Yoga focuses equally on building strength, mindfulness in movement and developing overall body awareness; leading to a more healthy life.

Temperature: We heat or cool the room for your comfort.

What to wear: Easy to move in clothes, clothes that layer are great and easy to remove footwear can make life easier.

Our highly qualified instructors will ensure you get a safe and nourishing workout regardless of your fitness or ability.


Meet Our Yoga Instructor Steph

Steph found her passion for yoga when it assisted her to turn around her health and lifestyle.

Steph teaches a combination of Yoga, combined with modern anatomy and theory, and a twist of ancient philosophy to create a unique class to fit the needs of every member at Peak.    

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