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Week 6


Runners: It is now time to introduce an extra day into your training program.

Day One: 40 minute steady paced run.

Day Two: 20 minute easy paced run. This is a recovery run and so should be run at a relaxed pace.

Day Three: 20 X 60 seconds with 60 seconds slow jog recovery.

Day Four: 20 minutes steady paced run.

As this is halfway through your training program, it is time to review your progress. It is also the time where having increased your fitness level it is tempting to think that you should rapidly increase your training load. Do not give in to temptation! This is where the risk of overuse injury is greatest; remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you are experiencing any niggling aches and pains, have a few days off. If the problems persist, consult a health professional.

Walkers: 4 x 30 minute walks on alternating days during the week and a 60 minute walk on the weekend.

The distance covered on these walks should be increasing without much trouble.