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Week 4

Aim for three days running a week. It is preferable to run on every other day in order that you allow sufficient time for recovery.


Day one: 30 minute steady paced run. 

Day two:  10 minutes easy paced run as a warm-up. 5 X 3 minutes with 3 minutes slow jog recovery. 

Run the 3 minute bursts at a pace slightly faster that the pace you run for the 30 minute run. You can expect to run at an intensity where are just below the “getting out of breath” level.

Concentrate maintaining an even pace for every repetition.

Day Three:  2 X 15 minute with 2 minutes walk or slow jog recovery.

Walkers: 3 x 30 minute walks on alternating days during the week and a 60 minute walk on the weekend.