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Week 11


Runners: You have done all the training necessary to complete the run successfully. Don’t ruin now by training hard in the last week, it is now time to taper your training so that you are fresh on the day of the run.

Day One: 30 minutes easy paced run with a few gentle strides of 1 to 3 minutes in the run.

Day Two: 20 minutes easy paced run.

Day Three: 10 minutes easy paced run. 6 X 60 seconds strides with 2 minutes easy running between.

Day Four: REST.

Prepare your equipment for the big day. Don’t run in anything that you have not been wearing for the past few weeks. Race day is not the time to try out new shoes. If you are planning to drink on the run, make sure that you have practised on one of your long runs. Eat the same as you have done before your long runs.

Walkers: Only a week to go! Get out there and boost your confidence with a strong 90 minute effort this weekend but ease back a bit during the week, just 3 brisk 30 minute walks.