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PICO hiit

PICO hiit

It’s our mission to educate our members through quality programming both individually and as a group. We ensure all our clients have the tools to implement continual improvement, in a safe and sensible environment.We also emphasise the importance of proper nutrition with facts to create sustainable results.The energy, social interaction and intensity of our classes are perfect to compliment any individualised program. No fancy gimmicks to justify high prices here at PICO, just expect our honest and realistic approach, this is what sets us apart from other fitness facilities


Casual Class only $20 or Unlimited classes from 24.95 per week

Why HIIT over Steady state cardio?

When in a calorie deficit it’s important to try and maintain or better yet gain muscle to help maintain your metabolism. This is why it is important to strength train. However it is just as important to build cardiovascular fitness for a healthy heart. By doing HIIT training you are going to improve both making one of the most effective methods of exercise in terms of weight loss.

Alternatively, if you are trying to build muscle it’s beneficial to be cardio fit to get the most out of your weight sessions. If you are looking to do cardio, HIIT is the recommended form as it won’t deplete your hard-earned gains.




PHIIT Power uses a combination of strength, cardio and muscular endurance to be the most time efficient workout. Focusing on predominantly power exercises these sessions burn approximately 500 calories.

By doing HIIT in a class environment you are going to get great variety, technique guidance and an amazing motivating environment. You will be able to work out harder and smarter without getting bored.

“Where is the 11/10 option??, Chloe is the best”

“Great fun and fitness rolled into one with awesome people!”
– Donna

“Great variety in the class and feel like have had a whole body workout!”
– Michelle

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Sweat is our latest addition to our group fitness timetable. This class is exactly what it sounds like, a sweaty one. 

Whether you are experienced or a complete beginner this workout is designed for you. All sessions are go at your own pace with the supervision of a fitness expert. This class is the perfect workout to compliment your training program. You will burn a lot of calories with this interval training and build great cardiovascular fitness and conditioning.

This class compliments our strength class from the previous day with a focus on cardio.

 “Great workout! music and trainer spot on!”
– Michelle

“Thank you Jodie, nice start of the day”

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Another signature PHIIT session designed by our qualified Personal Trainers!

PHIIT Strength is a fusion of exercises designed to tone and strengthen every muscle in your body, even the one’s you’ve forgotten you have! If you don’t have the confidence to lift weights on your own this is the perfect class for you! It’s a perfect way to get stronger with the motivation of a group environment!

“Love a sculpt class with sculpt master pro.”

“Great session Cam

“Have loved Cam’s Sunday train with the trainer. Will miss our Sunday morning group!”

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TABATA is a form of high-intensity interval training.

Typically 20 seconds on with 10 seconds rest. You normally do 8 rounds and have 1-minute rest between stations. This class uses this concept but also adds a little bit of variation to keep things fun and different every week. This is great for anyone who is looking for a full-body cardio session. It is recommended to go at a high intensity to gain the most from TABATA however we encourage beginners to go at there own pace and build up the intensity over a few classes.

 “Great class Cam!”

“Awesome once again …. thanks Chloe ?”

“Chloe – always love your dedication and classes”

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60 minute session focusing on mobility and functional core strength.

An amazing form of training which emphasizes mobility, mind muscle connection and core strength. 

Pilates is great low intensity form of exercise which is perfect for anyone not matter the goal. Great for mums, athletes or rehabilitation!

“Stevie’s classes are great and I am amazed at how much range of motion I’ve gained since going to her classes”
– Sarah

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30 minute session focusing on stability, control, learning correct core engagement while blasting your abs.

The fun friendly environment of the class makes you almost forget your abs are burning, almost….. 

Having a strong core has many benefits including, reduce injuries, increased performance in the gym, correct posture, improve flexibility as well as even improving your running!

“Great core class”

“Wow I can really feel by abs now”

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“Amazing trainers who know everyone by name, can have a laugh and genuinely want the best for you. The gym is always clean and looking schmik and the culture is so inclusive and absolutely not intimidating. Thanks team!”

“I love being a part of the community at Peak 24. This gym caters to all ages and fitness levels. The equipment, classes and trainers are awesome, and everyone is super inviting and encouraging. Hands down best gym I have been to!”

“Great variety in the class and feel like have had a whole body workout!”