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What’s PHIIT?

Peak High Intensity Interval Training 

Well thats just it! PHIIT is our signature High Intensity Interval Training. Each session is individually tailored by our qualified Personal Trainers to give our members a superior workout everytime!

Our PHIIT Power is an all levels session suitable for all fitness levels!

PHIIT Power is an all-round heart pumping workout!

Movements are big! Involving every muscle working together to help you smash your goals faster! But the intervals are short (less than a minute!) so you can make every second count!

 You’ll be pushing yourself to new limits before you know it!

Including a wide variety of cardio, bodyweight, strength and TRX exercises you will have your heart pumping, and burn be burning fat FAST!

Please remember practice makes perfect! So if you struggle a little in your first class – that’s okay, you will do better next time and our instructors will

guide you every step of the way.

Following the principles of our PHIIT PowerPHIIT Boxing works through a series of fast paced, short but intense intervals.

 Incorporating body weight exercises, boxing combinations and strength training to achieve fast results!

PHIIT Boxing is a fun workout, focused on increasing your cardio fitness, while toning your whole body.

With our qualified fitness instructors individually tailoring each class, this workout can easily be adapted to any fitness level.

Push yourself to new limits with PHIIT Boxing!

With no prior experience necessary, join us for an early morning boxing session and get your day started right!


Another signature PHIIT session designed by our qualified Personal Trainers!

PHIIT Sculpt is a fusion of exercises designed to tone and strengthen every muscle in your body, even the one’s you’ve forgotten you have!

It’s a perfect way to finish of the week with Peak!