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8 Week Challenge

Our 8 week challenge

We Are Looking For
10 People To Transform

We are looking for males over 30 who want to build muscle and reduce body fat. This program includes personal training, 24/7 gym access, nutrition, programming, body scans and more

The Program Covers

24/7 gym access

This challenge gives you full 24/7 access to our training facility with all the equipment you require! We are much bigger then we look from the outside. We have tons of the best equipment ensuring you won’t be fighting for that last bench on chest day.

strength training

This is challenge is based around your individual training program. Your coach will write up a training regime which could insist of conditioning, weight training and/or classes.

personal training

Ensuring you are using proper technique and working at the appropriate intensity is crucial to getting the most out of your hard work. Our personal trainers will motivate you, push you and educate you so you can remain consitenent for the 8 weeks and beyond.


Nutrition is a huge factor in getting you results. With so much missonformation out there it can be extremely challenging to get it right. Our coaches will give you a meal plan suitable for your goals as well as educate you with the facts.


Getting results is what this challenge is all about. We measure your results with pictures and body scans to measure the improvement of your physique. We also do fitness tests based on your individual needs at the start and finish of the challenge. This measures your improvement of strength, endurance and cardio. If you follow the training program and nutrition plan we guarantee results!

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