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Body Transformation Challenge!


 February 2017

Week 6 Progress Update!

Here are some of the amazing results achieved so far by our challengers, and we’ve still go 3 weeks to go!

Meet Emily and Sarah!

Sarah and Em are completing this challenge as an unstoppable sister duo!

Each week they train together with their personal trainer Chloe and attend daily Small Group Training Sessions, racking up a massive 475 points between them!

The Peak Transformation Challenge inst all about results, we reward effort over results. Each challenger earns their points by attending Small Group Training Sessions and completing the Weekly Fitness Challenge.

On an individual level, Emily started this challenge doubtful that she’d lose any weight, but has already taken 5cm from her hips alone and lost 5 kilos – these results speak for themselves!

Sarah took on this challenge to increase her overall strength, and she’s well on the way! Shes gained 2kg’s muscle, and smashing out strength goals daily, already hitting 50 pushups on her feet and tackling a 3 minute plank – what an example of strong being the new skinny!

Sarah’s Final Body Transformation Results!










Meet Will!

Will has been consistently training for years, but never seen the results he was looking for!

Will took on this challenge to transform his body and his lifestyle in a new way.

And oh man, he is! Losing a huge 10kgs in the first 6 weeks and taking 10cms of his waist alone!

and racking up, 250 points along the way!



Will’s Final Body Transformation Results!












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