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Our 8 week challenge

We Are Looking For
10 People To Transform

We are looking for 10 individuals who want to be leaner, fitter and stronger. Unlike other challengers our program is individualsied to each clients goals and needs. This allows us to deliver YOU the very best results. 

The Program Covers

1 on 1 – Strength Training

Lift weights with the confidence of a qualified trainer guiding you with proper technique and programming. The 1 on 1 aspect gives you the trainers full attention which means you get individualised workouts based on your needs. The trainer will also hold you accountable, keep you consistent and push you to reach your best!

Group training – conditioning

Build your fitness with the energy and motivation of like minded individuals working as one. Music pumping and instructor driven classes to challenge you, make you sweat and smile. These classes will make you fitter and leaner while having fun!

nutrition guidance

If you want to transform your body nutrition is abesolutely crucial! We give you a meal plan tailored to suit your goals. We also provide video and written based education to debunk the myths and fads that are holding you back.


Results are measured in multiple ways. We use body scans to accurately caluclate your body fat percentage and muscle mass. We also carry out strength and fitness tests to measure your improvement in performance.  Not everyones goal is physique based.  Our coaches will deliver you the results that you desire! 

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