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The 4 Week Challenge

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A four week challenge designed to ease you into a healthy exercise routine. The goal of this kick-starter is to empower you to be the strong capable women we know you can be!

Instead of overloading with tons of information and trying to get you to improve everything at once we work on one thing at a time. Each week will have a new focus that we will implement and turn into an everyday habit.

This program includes group classes which are progression focused and modified to your needs. You will have support from our coaches who will cover the basic principals to make sure your lifting safely and correctly.

We cover the basics of nutrition and how you can eat not only to look more toned but have more energy and nourish your body.

If you are unsure if this program is the right program for you. You can book in for an obligation free gym tour where you can familiarise yourself with the non intimidating gym and coaches.

Here are just some of our amazing results!

Michelle - Lost 6kgs

Combination of classes & PT

Lauren - Lost 5.3kgs of Fat

Combination of classes & PT

Natalie - Lost 8kgs of fat

Combination of classes & PT

No pressure, no obligation, no excuses

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No pressure, no obligation, no excuses