Yoga Workshop: Rest & Restore - 2 Jul 2017, 3-5pm

Relax, restore and unwind with 2 blissful hours for you!
This Yin Yoga Workshop will include:
1. Supported Asanas (postures)
2. Pranayama (breathing)
3. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
4. Aromatherapy with high quality doTERRA essential oils
Yin yoga is the practice of holding passive postures for a longer period, using the support of props; giving your mind and body a chance to deeply relax with ease. It works on a deeper level than more active asanas, working into the deep tissue of our body and enhancing stillness of breath and mind. We will journey through a combination of gentle movements and stretches.
Yin yoga has a broad range of benefits, including balancing the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, increased circulation and flexibility, fascial release and more.
incorporating Pranayama and a combination of breathing techniques to bring an even deeper sense of bliss and release, while purifying the Respiratory system.
The body and mind both function at an optimal level when you take regular time for yourself, whether it’s to de-stress, or switch off from the world for just 2 hours.
All levels welcome.
All props provided. Optional to bring a blanket and/or pillow.

Cost: $30 for Peak 24 Fitness & PT Members | $30 non-members

Upcoming Dates: 9th July & August 6th 2017

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