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Equipment in the gym that everyone should try instead of the treadmill and bike

Equipment in the gym that everyone should try instead of the treadmill and bike

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It is not unusual to feel a little frustrated and bored with the same old workout routine. One of the most important ways to ensure you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to ensure you actually enjoy the training sessions you do and add some variety into your routine. If you are looking to change up your workouts, give these 3 great exercises a go!


Kettlebell (KB) training will not only improve your physique, but develop your strength and cardiovascular fitness at the same time. A KB is an old fashioned kettle made of iron that comes in several sizes ranging from 4kg to 20kg. The real value with a KB workout is that it enables you to work on the often forgotten posterior chain of muscles that are essential for muscle balance in athletes as well as ballistic power work that transfers well into sport. This means you can do either muscular endurance based training or high intensity fat burning sessions depending on your goal. In addition, KB exercises such as: the Turkish get-up and windmills, will make your core workouts far more enjoyable and challenging while adding variety.


TRX is a series of body weight exercises that use a yellow suspension strap. Whether you are just beginning your journey into fitness or pushing yourself to the next level, TRX provides a sustainable, fun and low impact approach to training. TRX training enables strength training, flexibility and core exercises in abundance. It can be a fun way to stimulate your muscles and provide lots of variety to your regular sessions.


At Peak 24 we provide fun group boxing sessions. Boxing is a really fun way to get your heart rate up in minutes and helps define muscles in the arms and shoulders that walking wont. If you are looking for a fat burning cardio session, then boxing ticks all the boxes. It can be enjoyed with a friend or training partner or taken to the next intensity level by working hard with a personal trainer.

Peak 24 is fully equipped with the kettlebells, TRX ropes and boxing gear and our staff are well informed to teach you the correct technique. Just ask them!