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8 week challenge 670 430 Jesse

8 week challenge

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Hello world! 670 430 Jesse

Hello world!

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SFL Saving Lives 150 150 peak24beta_5sncxw

SFL Saving Lives

This program is saving lives! As you get older it is considered normal for your balance to get worse and your bone density reduce. All of a sudden a day to day task can be potentially life threatening. It’s a sad reality a lot of people live with. But they…

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition 150 150 peak24beta_5sncxw

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

There is a great lack of understanding around what people should eat pre and post work out. Here, we aim to highlight the importance of pre-workout meals to maximize the efficiency of a training session and post workout meals to boost recovery afterwards. By mastering your pre and post workout…

Winter Fitness Tips And Workouts 150 150 peak24beta_5sncxw

Winter Fitness Tips And Workouts

It’s icy. It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s winter. But you shouldn’t let all of that slow you down.     Inevitably, when winter kicks in, we tend to lose our motivation to exercise. Who cares about putting on a few extra kilos?? No one will notice through all the layers…